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The Day I Graduated…


…and my life ended.

Okay, I’m being dramatic. The real end to that sentence is “…and then I started this blog.”

I’ve had a blog in some form or another since 6th grade–that’s right, before they were even called “blogs”–but more on that come “Throwback Thursday.” Now that I’m graduated, however, and have become “an adult” I’ve decided I should get a grown-up type blog where I actually proof-read and try and have coherent thoughts. No promises, but I’m going to make an effort. I definitely cannot promise there won’t be an excessive amount of quotation marks. Please imagine me gesturing wildly, bending my fingers, as you read any word/phrase embedded in “”.

What does one do after they graduate? What will this blog be about? If you study something like teaching or advertising you probably have a few offers from people who want you to come work for them.

If you studied film your professors give you a hug and say “good luck.”

And you look back and think. Okay, what have I learned the five (yes, it took me five) years I was in college.

Well, I learned a thing or two and hopefully I’ll be able to express them on this-here blog because even though I’m nearly-25, unemployed, and “desperately single” (not my words) I’m also sort of an adult now and full of the wisdom 25-years of life and a Bachelor’s degree will give you.

So this’ll be the tale of me trying to find a job, trying to use my education in a meaningful way, and trying to find love–because every story needs a bit of romance.

Your blogger,



I thought the word on the street was that WordPress is better than Blogger but I’m not loving the whole having to pay to customize the template. Give me color choices or give me death! We’ll see how long I last here.