Non-Traditional Valentine’s Gifts for Your Lover or Yourself

There are many Valentine’s Day gift cliches and while some things are popular for a reason, I’ve come up with my own take on some Valentine’s Day classics. Flowers Instead of flowers get your girl (or yourself) a bouquet of floral leggings. Trust me, it’s the kind of roses she really wants. Bonus: They only… Continue reading Non-Traditional Valentine’s Gifts for Your Lover or Yourself



Martin Luther King Jr Day has me thinking even more about things I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. Our government is corrupt. I’m not singling out Trump here. I’m talking about years of corruption, congressmen being bought and paid for, systematic oppression and scapegoating that goes back for years and crosses all parties. You… Continue reading MLK Day



Since people all around the country are snowed-in today or experience large amounts of snow and cold I want to talk about a little term I just learned but have always believed in. Hygge, which is pronounced “hoo-ga” is the art of Danish coziness. Here’s a New Yorker article about what it means. Here’s a… Continue reading Hygge