Sad Realization of Resolutions

You guys. I just looked back on this blog and realized I resolved last year AND THE YEAR BEFORE to write more. I’m the worst. I even wrote a super compelling post about how important writing is last year. That inspiration obviously went out my brain into the keyboard never to return to my brain again. This year it has to be for real. Do you know how many ideas I have for feature films/musicals? 12. How many have I written? 3/4 of one.

Do you know how many ideas I have for blog posts? 300…probably. Maybe not. But at least 12 so far. So I’m going to blog 6 days a week this year, minus vacation time. Is it possible? Yes. Realistic? Not really. But obviously nothing else has worked to get me to write every day so now this blog is some sort of accountability. So some of these blog posts are going to be really bad but

So that’s my only year-long goal, because obviously year-long goals are useless. 365 days are too many days.

So I decided this year I’m going to do month-long goals. One goal/theme a month and then if it doesn’t work I can try again the next month or move on.

This month’s goals are Hamilton themed. Why? Because these lyrics are constantly in my head so it will be impossible to forget them like I have other resolutions. I recommend song-related resolutions for the same reason.

Confession: I was “into” Hamilton back when I heard about it on NPR and burst into work all, “You guys, this is a rapping musical about some guy who was never president” and the guys were like, “huh?” and I played it for them…and then never really listened past the first song and then I thought I might actually see it so I was paranoid about it being spoiled so I refuse to listen to the whole thing in order and refuse to learn anything else about history so it won’t be spoiled. It’s worked out great. So while I have no idea how the musical actually goes that doesn’t mean the songs aren’t constantly in my head.


The goals need no explanation but here it is anyway.

Goal 1: TBH there’s no way I’m talking less but it’s worth a shot. Secondly, smile more because I spent a lot of last year being depressed (more on that later).

Goal 2: Write. Actually write. Like I’ve resolved and forgotten for the last two years.

Goal 3: Not really a goal but if I scream-sing, “I will never be satisfied” once or five times a day I feel a lot more motivated to accomplish other goals.

Goal 4 (unlisted): Work out or something, geez.

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