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TBT: To Do List

From my 14-year-old self:

Go paragliding. Overcome fear of fish. Jump into a pool of noodles and/or jello. Go on a mission. Be in a movie. [see Unicorn City, most student films I’ve worked on and this]. Learn to play the bass. donate my hair. gallop on a horse. Wear a ballroom gown. Go somewhere exotic. and to europe. buy a golf cart. See Lion King on IMAX. Volunteer at the Humane Society, Buy a Golf Cart [important enough that I put it twice], Go cardboarding at midnight. See LOTR II again, and LOTR III on the day it comes out. Meet Orlando Bloom. Take a tapdancing class [for two weeks then I dropped out]. Write a childern’s book. Go to a Get Up Kids concert. Do something heroic. Go to Walt Disney World. Start a band. Talk on the phone past midnight. See West Side Story in a big theatre. Be on Wheel of Fortune with Hilary. Go to the premire of a movie…Any movie. [Any movie being key here]. Get a puppy and name it Sirius.

Looks like I’ve got some work to do still.