Bachelor Nick

Do you want to tune in to this season of the Bachelor but feel like you can’t comprehend the Nick background story? Let me break it down for you. Maybe I should start by stating my bias. He is my favorite…most people don’t like him.

Nick was labelled as a villain on Andi’s season. To me his only crimes were:

  1. Being honest
  2. Thinking dating on TV is weird
  3. Thinking that dating a girl who is dating 15 other guys at the same time is weird.
  4. Being a good kisser.

So basically he was the only one on that season who was understandably skeptical of a process that has had a fairy low success rate. I guess I found that relatable rather than evil.

I should note that Andi’s book confirmed the theory that he is a great kisser. Without her confirmation you can tell because both seasons the girl was like, “Eh, Nick” and then they kiss him and they’re like, “So, Nick…”

Andi’s book also confirms that she has a type and that type is hot jock but she still started developing feelings for Nick. So Nick was the only other guy who stood a chance against Hot Jock Josh, he has to be to charming.

And he is. He made mistakes and is weird and awkward at time, but we have to remember that he is charming and a good kisser. Remember that going into this season and you’ll understand why (as far as I can tell from the promo) the contestants are losing their minds over him this season.

Next came Kaitlyn. Andi and Kaitlyn are my favorite bachelorettes (I’ve only see three seasons of the Bachelorette). And omg Nick came back. After he got dumped on television he comes back for more and he is runner-up again. This probably means he’s either insane and/or a narcissist but come on, it’s kind of endearing. How prideful can someone be if they’re willing to go through all that…again.

After that season ended we realized that Shawn was basically a shoe-in and Kaitlyn and Shawn seem to be on the way to be the third? couple from the show that actually lives happily ever after. So again, Nick didn’t stand a chance but still made it to #2 somehow. That’s impressive.

This time Nick was a villain because he came on a couple episodes after everyone else. He had a prior texting relationship with Kaitlyn. This is a “thing” in Bachelor World. If you come on later than everyone else you are being unfair. Even though the producers probably paid you a lot of money to do it and you’re interested in the girl, you’re still not supposed to. Everyone is supposed to follow the rules. This is ridiculous because all the “rules” are unwritten and also you are competitive dating on national television.

For those of you unfamiliar with Bachelor Land some of the rules include:

  1. Do not come on to the show after the
  2. Do not ask for 1-on-1 time if you already have a rose.
  3. Do not interrupt someone else’s 1-on-1 time
  4. Do not sneak around
  5. Don’t kiss in front of everyone else
  6. Be there for the right reasons
  7. Make sure it’s really obvious you’re there for the right reasons
  8. Don’t hurt anyone’s feelings even if on accident

Breaking any of these rules will label you as a villain. Thus, Nick was a villain twice or thrice over. But he’s also this sweet kid who comes from an adorable family. I love his mom. I realize I don’t know her but I love her and I hope watching her son get dumped on national television doesn’t break her heart too bad.

Honestly, with the logic of this show it could’ve been that the editor saw his last name was “Viall” and word-associated that with villain and decided he should be the villain and edited it that way.

You should also know that at some point in her Nick worked out, started modeling and got legit abs. I mean, I’m not like into abs or anything but you can’t really not notice them. And they weren’t always there so in a Mark Ruffalo/Chris Pratt type way he proved that he can be cute AND hot.

Next Nick went on Bachelor in Paradise, presumably to show of his newly developed abs—I mean, to find love. He dated a super hot Jen and honestly the show didn’t make it super clear what went down there because she is so hot and cool (follow her on Instagram for proof) but apparently he wasn’t that into it. Oh, he also dated Amanda for a hot second that was apparently way overhyped in editing so it would seem like he and Jock Josh (since broken up) were gunning for the same girl again. Eye roll.

The important thing we learned from that season of Bach-in-dise is that Nick is a good friend. The girls would sit around and chat with him and confide in him and he actually gave good advice and talked some people down off their crazy ledge (I won’t mention any names there).

Lastly, people are upset that Luke Pell wasn’t the Bachelor. By all means, he totally should have been and was on his way to do it when they pulled the rug out from under him. But on the bright side he is now in Nashville making music and rescuing animals, so who really won here? Feel free to join my campaign to get him on the show Nashville. ABC obviously doesn’t realize what a good thing it had with both him and that show.

So now you know everything you need to know about Nick and disregard all the haters because my opinions are obviously the most important ones. #bias.

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