Since we didn’t send out a Christmas Card, here’s 2016 in review.
Started the year eating Criff Dogs and tator tots in NYC and sleeping in the airport. The next morning we spent in Urgent Care because Jeff had contracted just about every -itis one can contract at the same time. We have plans to redo NYC this year to make up for that.

March we moved into an apartment where we attempted gardening in a box and grew a lot of tomatoes. 

We got to spend Easter in Ohio with the all the Roses watching chicks hatch, riding tractors, shooting guns, and eating custard. 

In April we adopted Ru from Rescue Rovers. She is an Emotional Support Animal to me and a best friend to Jeff and ultimately an essential part of the family. She works part-time at Wallaroo as a professional floor sleeper and jewelry licker. At home she is a full-time snuggler who loves food, belly rubs, and jumping up and down. She is great on road trips and loves playing with her friends whether they’re human, dog, or rabbit. She loves watching horses and sometimes barks at her own reflection in the window. She really loves the snow.

We bought a Subaru.

In May we had our first anniversary and ate at the Melting Pot. I’ve been craving it ever since. Fondue is amazing. I got LASIK for my birthday!! And we made a quick trip to Oregon and went to the coast. 

We got to spend more time with some of the Roses around the 4th of July when they came to visit Utah. 

In October we bought a house and had a grand sum of six trick-or-treaters. 

We went to Disneyland with my sister and her family and Universal Studios with some of our favorite LA friends. 

In November we had a big house-warming and birthday party for Jeff. It was great to fill our new home with friends, laughter, and nachos. 

For Veterans Day. I decided to throw a dance marathon to benefit organizations that help veterans fight PTSD. With the support of some amazing local businesses I raised $1,000.

Over the year we celebrated as some of our closest friends got married and as other friends had babies. We made new friends and got closer to old friends. And we got to spend a lot of time with family. 

We saw several plays and concerts and usually attended our favorite monthly Harvey and the Bird shows. I’ve written a handful of songs with John. I went rappelling for the first time. 

Jeff was assimilated into the world of film production and we’ve been able to work on many shoots together in lots of different roles behind and in front of the camera. Jeff is also a master at positioninb wedding dresses trains when I shoot bridals and weddings. 

Mindy Kaling favorited three of my tweets and replied to one. 

As for growing our family. Besides Ru, we increased by 2 bikes this year and will likely be adding a third in the year to come. 

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