Man-Crush-Music-Video Monday

This video combines some of my favorite things: good puns, Sesame Street, and Zachary Levi.

Ironically, when this video about moderation in social media came out I got a text, a tweet, and a Facebook post from separate people with the link to the video.

I like Zachary Levi. It’s no secret. Especially to my Twitter followers. I tweet at him regularly that we should go bowling but haven’t gotten an answer out of him. Which is kind of rude. I guess he has a billion people tweet at him every day but what we (could) have is different.

I want to write musicals for him. He was recently on Broadway in a show that ran a few months and had rather uninteresting songs. I think John (my composer) and I could write something better for him.

Additionally, he’s a good, Christian boy and I try and be a good, Christian writer so I think we could do some good collaborating.

And, no, it doesn’t hurt that he’s sort of a heartthrob.

So, @ZacharyLevi, if you’re reading this (which you’re not) let’s go bowling. We can talk about our next project.

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