double ugh

The last thing the world needs is public displays of my stream-of-conscious writing but it’s the third and once again I haven’t written.

I could write about how I am being forced from my home because it isn’t zoned for us, even those I asked the landlord specifically if it was zoned for the three of us and he said yes, no problem. (Did anyone else read that in an Arabic accent? No? Just me?). But then everyone would get worked up and pity me and as much as I love being pitied, I want you all to save your energy.

All you need to know about the last two days is that the city that hired me to work for them has also betrayed me. But as Tess pointed out that basically makes me Batman.

But I will issue this WORD OF CAUTION. Most Provo landlords suck. Be careful what they don’t tell you or what’s in the fine print and also you will straight-up get lied to.

I could talk about all the ways guys have it easier than girls using only examples from the last two days of my life: Birth control pills. Peeing in a cup. Wedding dresses. Heels. Price of swimwear.

And I could write more but for some reason instead of writing I just read about 25 celebrities who don’t drink…and by read, I mean scrolled through their photos.

I want to be friends with Blake Lively.

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