Fan Fiction Friday #1

Everyone should create.

“You might say, ‘I’m not the creative type. When I sing, I’m always half a tone above or below the note. I cannot draw a line without a ruler. And the only practical use for my homemade bread is as a paperweight or as a doorstop.’ If that is how you feel, think again…” – Dieter F. Uchtdorf

You can create. Because there are people all over the internet right now creating content. Not only that, people are consuming that content. Whether it’s “good” or “bad.”

They might use too many adjectives and run-on sentences. Maybe they are littered with typos and have winding plot lines. The important thing is that these people have used their imaginations and put words on the page. That’s more than I can do somedays. I also learned that sometime fan fiction in the form of a screenplay can get you a job.* Fan fiction has also been known to be published and reach the top of the Best Seller list.**

Recently Jase reminded me how great fan fiction can be and inspired the first idea I’ve had for a YouTube series that might actually result in more than one video. And with that I would like to present:


Fan Fiction Fridays are brought to you by the artists at Channel 17 (because we just can’t get enough of each other during normal work hours).

*It just hasn’t worked for me yet

**How this happened has yet to be understood but maybe throughout the course of this project I will come to understand better.

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