Eat Your Birthday

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Four years ago I decided to sign up for every birthday offer I could find. I found some lists online but that wasn’t enough so I started looking up restaurants in the area online and signed up for their “clubs.” When in doubt, google your favorite restaurant and see if they have a deal.

Now that I’ve compiled the list I prefer to pick and choose what I eat each year, but you can potentially have most of your meals free or discounted for a couple weeks on either side of your birthday and enough desserts to give you a solid two-week sugar high.

Most places will email you a coupon that’s good for the whole month or at least a couple weeks. Some places give you something free just for signing up so I recommend not waiting until your birthday month to sign up because then you have twice as much to eat that month. Free IHOP is great, but going twice in one month isn’t necessarily that great. For best results, I recommend signing up before the start of your birth month.

You’ll also get pretty regular emails from these places. Hopefully, you have Gmail because they get sorted into the “promotions” tab so you can ignore them and when your birthday comes you can just search “birthday” and they’ll pop up.

Some of the restaurants have also switched to apps instead of emails, click the links below to take you to the sign-up page or the download page for the app.

Restaurant Free B-day Item Conditions
Which Which sandwich
Rubio’s meal up to $7
Baja Fresh free burrito
Smashburger shake or side with purchase
Red Robin hamburger
Dickey’s BBQ sandwich
Wienerschnitzel corn dog
Jason’s Deli $5 off
Tucano’s meal with purchase of another meal
Noodles and Co meal up to $9
Firehouse Subs medium sub
IHOP pancake meal or $ equivalent
Cinnabon mocha latte
Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcake  go on your birthday
Sonic tots or drink
Auntie Anne’s  free pretzel
Get this app because they give out free pretzels all the time.
Benihana $30 off with purchase
Buca di Beppo appetizer  with purchase
Texas Roadhouse appetizer with meal
Buffalo Wild Wings free snack-sized wings?
Brick Oven sample with meal
Einstein’s Bagels bagel with purchase
Sbarro slice with drink
Jamba Juice free smoothie
Baskin Robbins scoop
Maggie Moo’s cone
Coldstone ice cream b.o.g.o
Mimi’s dessert
Del Taco milkshake get strawberry, trust me
Rita’s Ice TBD
CPK dessert
Krispy Kreme donut
Starbucks free drink or treat
Orange Julius  free drink
Pinkberry  free yogurt
TCBY  free yogurt
Sodalicious soda go day of and show ID
Denny’s meal go day of and show ID

So even if your friends won’t get you presents these restaurants will. Happy birthday! And happy eating!

Aside from food, you can also get a free gift from Sephora and other brands will often send you a coupon for a certain percent off for your birthday. You can also get a free one-night rental from Redbox.

Leave me a comment if you know of more great birthday deals and I’ll keep adding to the list as I find them.


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